Hi. I'm Derek, an art director and graphic designer in New York City.

I've made things for All Things Comedy, Blumhouse, CBS, Comedy Dynamics, Complex, El Rey Network, FrightFest Originals, HBO, Network A, PBS, Tribeca Films, Univision Communications, Vinegar Syndrome, and a whole bunch of comedians.

For three years, I art directed for Flama, a digital platform by Univision. We made silly videos and things for the internet. My work has also been featured in a book called Alternative Movie Posters.

I have a sometimes project called Question Market. With Question Market, I interview creative people about their process and work in search of connections and similarities between various creative professions.

For work inquiries, please email me at: derek (at) thatsthewayitgoes.com

One of these days, I'll get a web store up and running...